Web Design: Methodology

AbiTeq Methodology

3. Implementation

Ideas are only half of the equation. During this phase, we make sure that your vision comes to light and that every step of the production meets the AbiTeq standard of quality.

During this phase we will do the following:

  • Construct the navigational architecture with usability best practices
  • Propagate all pages with graphics and content
  • Code any technical requirements into the site - including eCommerce functionality and any interactivity
  • Create all the bells and whistles like Flash animations, dynamic menus, and media components

Also, during this phase, our Usability Engineer will go through the site to ensure that we have met our internal standards of making the site "dirt simple" to use. Once all of this is completed, we will assign a Quality Assurance Tech to pour through the site making sure that everything works impeccably. We are now ready to enter our Deployment Phase.

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