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Providing Realtors With Effective Website Features To Attract More Clients And Improve Communications

AbiTeq Internet Marketing Realtor Website and Tool Solutions

Realtors have special needs to attract and communicate effectively with clients. Whether you need an entire office website, a single agent site, or want to add features to your existing site, AbiTeq can provide everything from the full plan and design to the smallest detail.

AbiTeq can build the "back-office" features that let you do a better job working with web savvy clients, and convince them to work with you.

Take a look at some of these addon features for instance. These can be customized to look like, and fit into, your website. They can be easily managed and controlled by you without a programmer's help. Picture your website with some of these programs:

  • Real Estate Office Site - This template format allows you to change content easily without technical help and costs less because it is ready to go. We can provide a custom look all your own, and the functionality can be changed as well.

  • Blog - A blog can be an easy way for you to share information less formally than on a web page, and brings a dated sense of timeliness. (Only you would be writing these blogs) Write a few paragraphs on the state of the local market for instance.

  • Forum - A forum allows you to carry on a conversation without connecting at the same time. Someone can ask a question and come back the next day to read your answer. A forum can be monitored meaning the questions do not appear to the public until you approve them.

    Also, forums provide a listing of answers to questions that others likely need as well. Now they can get the information without calling you. (While this may sound counterproductive, research has shown they wouldn't call anyway, but having answered their questions online, you are more likely to get the call as a result. Forums provide additional content to boost search engine rankings too)

  • Calendar - A handy scheduler for clients.

Some other online applications of interest for your site:

Let AbiTeq build you, or your office, the service oriented website you need to compete in today's market. Bring in the more technical and younger buyers without more expensive advertising.

To find out more about how our team can help improve your marketing, please contact AbiTeq Marketing for a free consultation.