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AbiTeq Provides Professional, Full Featured And Affordable Website Design Services

AbiTeq Marketing Website Design

Your website is an integral channel to find potential customers. We take for granted the common sales channels: in person, over the phone, or using the mail. The web offers an unprecedented opportunity to not just add another sales channel to this list, but to add a relatively low cost, effective sales channel. You can reach millions of people anywhere in the world for the cost of a website. But are you reaching the right people? Are you selling them? How do you know?

AbiTeq can help you define a web strategy for your company that defines your internet objectives and tactics, provide methods to implement those tactics, and provide measurement techniques to measure the effectiveness of those tactics.

Web Design is one of the most important factors in your Internet marketing strategy.

The internet website design has gone through four phases:

  • Pioneer Days – Was the technology phase (gopher and BBS)
  • Great Expectations – Was the design phase (cool site of the day)
  • Marketing Phase – (we will never forget the wake-up call when the bubble burst)
  • Business Phase – Business objectives and ROI are critical

We can help you establish and grow your presence on line by creating a professionally designed website that justifies your expense and attention with a measurable ROI:

  • Custom built for your specific needs,
  • Visually attractive and eye-catching,
  • Easy to navigate,
  • Fast to load,
  • Effective and fully functional.

Each business has unique needs, and therefore, each website we build is unique. We can design your site to allow your staff to edit, and update, content directly. We will work with you to define your website strategy, to project the image you want for your business, and to help you reach your online goals.

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