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Marketing Promotion Campaigns

AbiTeq Marketing Services

AbiTeq Offers Comprehensive Promotion Services To bring Your Business Greater Success

AbiTeq Marketing Promotion Campaigns

We offer strategic planning, concept design, and a variety of promotion implementation services to help you build your image and sales. We help you define your products or services and carefully identify your customer base. Our experience offers you a wealth of ideas and methods to find new customers and impress them with your messages.

Our Promotional Services include:

  • Magazine, and other print, advertising
  • News release programs, and other real time media communications
  • Web promotion using search engines, related websites, etc
  • Radio and television spot advertising
  • Trade show and open air advertising and promotion
  • Distributor, rep, agent, motivation programs

AbiTeq can help you develop a comprehensive internet promotion strategy that will make your business successful on-line.

Build it, and they will come. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about the Internet. The truth is that even the best designed website is useless if you don't promote it. There are billions of pages on the Web. To make your website visible you have to work hard. Let's face it, the Internet is like everything else in life - nothing happens until you make it happen.

We can help you succeed by developing a comprehensive on-line promotion strategy that includes:

  • Search engine submission to all major services including foreign language search sites;
  • Search engine position improvement with ongoing position strategy;
  • Landing pages to test and define campaign results and ROI;
  • Listing your website in industry specific portals and directories;
  • Utilize paid search positions where effective;
  • Banner creation and development of e-mail promotion campaigns;
  • Statistical analysis of traffic patterns to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising or promotional campaigns.

AbiTeq offers search engine rank metrics and reporting showing:

  • Keyword position search results with all major search engines;
  • Competitors search engine positions for your keywords compared with your site;
  • Specific and average keyword position improvement since last report

Our knowledge and experience with the internet, and its services, allows AbiTeq to design procedures to help you quickly identify new potential customers. For instance, we defined a system that sorts through an amazing amount of information resulting in a list of valuable contacts complete with contact information.

We can also help you increase traffic to your website using traditional marketing methods.

To find out more about what our team can do for you, please contact AbiTeq Marketing for a free consultation.