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AbiTeq Marketing Media Development and Delivery

We produce media presentations for display on your website. Media such as YouTube videos, audio or animations. Media production includes the presentation of outside (licensed) sources of entertainment and news as well. We also build multimedia presentations for handout on CDs, for live presentations and for kiosks.

Want to impress your web visitors? Ask for Flash animations. A Flash-enabled site can be much more interactive and entertaining than a flat static HTML-base site. Recent industry research shows that media-rich sites are more effective as sales/ marketing tools for winning customers and attracting visitors. Leading companies like Disney, Coca-Cola, and General Motors use Flash to deliver engaging, branded experiences online.

We can also add to your site interactive presentations, training, 3D graphics, and GIF animations as well as video, sound and other media features.

Let us design your MS PowerPoint presentations to get your point across simply and effectively. We add punch to your delivery without needless razzle-dazzle. let us condense your presentation points to be quickly readable and effective in backing your live presentation. We can build interactive web training from your existing live presentations with self guided displays, registration and/or testing. See a sample narrated web presentation...

Online meetings or training? We can design a system matched to your presentation and discussion needs that reaches anywhere internet access is available. Our normal recommendation uses browser based slide shows with telephone conferencing for sound, but video conferencing can be arranged with great results.

To find out more about how we can help improve your marketing, please contact AbiTeq Marketing for a free consultation.